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TurboGate with Aurora MySQL - Read-Write Split

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

We are excited to announce that the complete CloudFormation stack that includes: SQL read-write splitting proxy layer with auto-scaling as well as the Aurora MySQL database with auto-scaling for reader nodes is available. We named this service TurboGate with Autora MySQL and it is available already on the AWS Marketplace:

Due to this set up you just deploy the full stack within minutes and it lets you to send all SQL queries to a load balancer that listens on port 3306. Everything behind happens automatically and your write queries are sent to the master and your read queries are sent to multiple slaves. If your workload increases your proxy layer will scale automatically as well as your reader database servers. They will also scale down horizontally when your workload is lower for instance during the night time.

Due to a success of easily deployable CloudFormation stacks we have decided to go even further and as a result we published this solution. First of all we wanted to say Thank you to all of our existing Customers who make all of it possible. Second we want to confirm that we listen to your requests and we are now working on a fully automated version of a complete database setup that leverages auto-scaling for reads along with the highly available SQL proxy. This will eliminate any sort of manual controls.

Monitoring, debugging and optimized performance are part of this solution.


SmartAMI Team

Please see our TurboGate setup tutorial video below.

You can also see TurboGate with Aurora MySQL benchmarking of this setup below.

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